IELTS Writing Task2 完全攻略




Part 1

1. この動画を観て欲しい人
2. 自己紹介
3. ターゲットスコアを6.0とする理由(Writing)
4. IELTS Writingの難しさ


Part 2

1. IELTS Writingの概要
2. Task 2の問題タイプ
3. 採点基準
4. フォーマット
5. よくある質問&回答


Part 3

2. フォーマット
3. 回答例





More and more people are studying online. In the future, this form of education will replace the traditional classroom.To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Online communication has permeated every aspect of people’s daily lives. This trend can be seen particularly clearly in education. Thus, I completely agree that online education will supersede face-to-face instruction in the foreseeable future. Analyzing the convenience of internet-based learning and its efficiency in protecting people from catching deadly viruses while learning will show this.

Firstly, online courses allow people to learn whenever and wherever they like. For example, online English language schools – which enable learners to take lessons at home or in a café – are genuinely popular among Japanese English learners, overtaking offline schools in their number of students. In addition, the affordability of virtual schools where a person can take a one-hour lesson for less than $5 is another strong driver to attract more customers. Thus, the argument that the traditional classroom will be replaced by technology-based learning can be supported.

Secondly, lessons without any physical contact can be instrumental not only in providing learning opportunities but in protecting both instructors and students from any contagious diseases. Reportedly, schools in China, the epicenter of coronavirus, have already been introducing online learning systems to tackle the ongoing crisis. As humanity has experienced several dangerous viruses such as SARS and ebola in the last two decades, it is vital to implement countermeasures to deal with such potential health risks, even in education. This will encourage people to move from studying offline to online.

In summary, the accessibility of online learning has been attracting more students, and global uncertainty around public health is encouraging schools to introduce web-based learning. Therefore, I am strongly convinced that internet-based learning will replace the traditional classroom in the not-too-distant future.

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